Eight Palms Villa in Legian: An Intimate Escape to The Tropical Bliss of Bali

Eight Palms Villa in Legian: An Intimate Escape to The Tropical Bliss of Bali

Legian is a wonderful destination to go to if you seek to combine rest and pleasure. You have the lovely Legian Beach, which is ideal for sunbathing, surfing, or simply relaxing. Or when the sun goes down, Legian's nightlife comes alive with a slew of bars and clubs to party at. Aside from that, Legian has a wide range of choices to buy and doing shopping. From traditional marketplaces offering handcrafted goods to sophisticated retail malls, you'll discover a variety of unique things. 

Legian is unquestionably worth considering if you're searching for a pleasant and handy spot to stay in Bali. As you can spend your days soaking up the sunlight or trying out some water activities in Legian Beach, you can also put your good time at night at a plethora of bars and nightclubs to choose from and if you are looking for a place to stay, you can come to Eight Palms Villa. Managed by the best hospitality management in Bali, Eight Palms Villa is perfect for an intimate escape in Bali. 

Eight Palms Villa is a luxury villa with an elegant design that offers a memorable staying experience for an intimate family escape in Bali. Luxurious features of Three Bedroom Villa with a private pool and jacuzzi, suitable for families or couples on their honeymoon.

Eight Palms Villa provides complete facilities such as a kitchen, a private Pool, and a jacuzzi/bathtub to make you feel stay at your second home in Bali and spend time with your family. In addition to high-end and complete facilities, Eight Palms Villa is located strategically in the Legian area which only takes 25 minutes to drive from the airport, it’s 5 minute's drive away to the nearest cafe and restaurant, as well it’s 8 minute's drive away to Legian Beach and Double Six Beach in Seminyak to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Bali.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your vacation with your family at Eight Palms Villa right away. For more information, please contact the contact listed in the Instagram bio @eightpalmsbali.

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